quick stats

tik dalton

non-binary (pronouns | they/them)

graduated Oxford Brookes University with BA (Hons) Publishing Media | First

dab hand with websites, content creation, social media, and editing

helpless in the face of a pet up for adoption (eight is potentially excessive I’ll grant you)

goes positively feral for crème brûlée

creative gremlin for hire

I enjoy creating things, be they books, blogs, bakewell tarts, or felted baby dragons. I’m pretty handy when it comes to things web related (spider removal not included). And I’m a voracious reader of science fiction and fantasy, an avid fan of board and video games, and a big softie when it comes to adopting animals.

what i can do


Books, copy, a contract signing over your first born child to that weird goblin in the woods – I can do it.
Comes in two distinct flavours, a cursory edit of around 10 pages an hour checking for the sensible stuff, and that sweet deep dive of around 5 pages an hour where I scan your Elder Speech for consistencies.


I write fairly well, and I create pretty good.
From email campaigns to product copy, blog entries to soap box rants about how the police should be defunded, I might have what you need when it comes to words.


Disclaimer – I have no actual qualifications in design.
Saying that I enjoy it quite a lot and what I have done has been received quite well.
Posters, graphics, logos and book covers are all within my remit.


From the base beginnings of stalking the crushes of friends over the web, to serious research into optimal font sizes for an epub – I have thousands of research hours under my belt and at your command.

where i’ve done it

creative gremlin for hire

Weird Robin | 2018 – present

I’ve edited content, created CVs, done a bit of research, and created some interesting pieces – check out pretty much any other page on this website for the juicy details.

production assistant

GWI | 2017 – 2018

The temporary dream of typesetting. I plotted out content in aesthetically pleasing ways, creating graphs and infographics to turn (ironically) dry water data into something you could parse without screaming.

website & social media ASSISTANT

Really Good & Soul | 2018 – 2019

Social media marketing, email campaigns, competitions, giveaways, the migration and combination of two business-to-customer websites into one marvellously shiny new customer friendly website – I got a lot done.


Snowbooks | 2015 – 2017

The original and the best. The first proper career job I ever had, and still my favourite. Editing, cover design, typesetting, a wee bit of marketing and blogging – I had it all. Plus the authors were a hoot.

let’s do something together

Feature photo by Inês Pimentel on Unsplash