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Let me start by saying that typesetting is one of my favourite things to do.
NERD, I hear you cry out. Well, yes, it can seem quite cut and dry – but there is an exactness to it that is quite fascinating.

A prime example is the book I worked on below, Shakespeare vs. Cthulhu. An insane collection compiled by Jonathan Green that was funded through KickStarter. Because of the tier systems I had a very interesting brief for the fanciest version – make it look like a Shakespearean folio.
The final thing was so beautiful it would make anyone believe in an Eldritch Horror from the space between the stars.

the lovely paperback editions

creativity & precision

Here is why I love typesetting, the challenge to be creative while making the thing do it’s bloody job. The book needs to be within a certain page limit or the printers will charge us a fortune, so you need to make sure your font size is reasonable and you’re not throwing away pages for unnecessary illustrations. Ahh but the font size needs to be easily legible, so that readers aren’t squinting, and this is a book meant for special artwork so it needs to be framed well.

There is a balance that must be struck, a ratio preserved, and a beautiful but functional thing made.

I had an inordinate amount of fun laying out these designs, and I think it showed in the final presentation. Not every manuscript is bound for leather and glory, but there is still (at least for me) pleasure to be found in making something as pleasant to consume as possible.

Featured photo by Antonia Lombardi on Unsplash

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