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Over the course of my time at Really Good I was responsible for the running of their social media platforms – these included Facebook, Insta, and Twitter.

An important aspect of growing brand recognition was to have a coherent tone and voice throughout – while using each platform to target specific customers. Part of this was to create the Really Good & Soul story, and telling that story in a relatable way to the intended market.


The first posted giveaway

3 months later

General engagement was boosted by increased traffic to the page

The absolute first thing I learned about social media is to use the data you’ve got. Facebook in particular is an absolute gold mine and tells you all sorts of interesting bits and pieces to help build up your page. I knew who my audience was and when they were most active.

Armed with this I kick started my engagement quest with a weekly giveaway that would be posted Friday afternoon, with a winner picked and posted to on a Monday – giving them enough time to receive it and post about how awesome their bundle was before the next one.

This soon snowballed into an engagement increase of 750% for these weekly posts, and funnily enough, increased engagement over all other posts as well.

the Really Good story on Facebook

Something that also helped was to establish voices for each platform according to each ones target audience. With data spiders whispering their secrets into my ear to tell me that our FB user group was overwhelmingly female and predominantly in their 30s-40s with kids, I switched up how I told the story to emphasise how we fit into their lives.


the two halves of the company

The need for seperate voices was never so clear than when splitting social media profiles for the two distinct halves of the company. Really Good is a quirky brand that likes to joust with humour, Soul is a beautiful brand that trades on classic aesthetics. And while they are different they are still tied, and this had to be reflected across all branded social media platforms.


Insta is such an infuriating interesting platform.

There’s a million ways to do it and any one of them could be your niche.

Towards the end of my time at RG I had done a fair bit of research into social media, how we had been using it, how our competitors were using it, and who our market was (specifically using this platform). This is when I bit the bullet and recommended we go full quirk and humour – see: llama and gif.

Featured photo by Prateek Katyal on Unsplash

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